Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

Coffee, red wine, smoking and age all take their toll on our teeth, making them dull and causing yellow or brown staining. And a dull smile makes us look and feel less attractive, as well as ageing us.

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Price guide: £375

Tooth whitening can eliminate many of these problems, and is now easily affordable, costing about the same as an average annual gym membership.

The treatment is simple, gentle and effective, and will leave you with a sparkling smile which will boost your confidence – and quite possibly win some new admirers!

The first step is to speak to us so we can examine your teeth and make sure they are suitable for whitening – while it is appropriate for most people it is not for everyone.

The procedure

For our home whitening treatment, we prepare a set of custom-made gel trays for you – these are a little like thin mouthguards, and ensure that the gel reaches all parts of your teeth. We will show you how to use them properly.

You will need to regularly apply the gel at home for 7-10 days, wearing the trays overnight. You may find that your teeth are more sensitive than usual during the treatment and for a few days afterwards, but these symptoms will soon disappear.

The aftercare

Many patients ask us how long their teeth will retain their new whiteness. It is difficult to say with certainty because there are so many different factors involved, but generally if you look after your teeth the whitening should last for years.

This means brushing your teeth twice a day, especially at bedtime, following our advice about cleaning between your teeth and under the gumline, and visiting us regularly too. It is also important to see the hygienist on a regular basis as recommended by your dentist.

If you smoke or if you drink lots of coffee, tea or red wine, your teeth will not stay as white for as long, but the effects are still likely to last much longer than many other beauty treatments!

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If you would like to have your teeth whitened, please arrange a consultation with us.

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