Protecting your Teeth from the Cold this Winter

Protecting your Teeth from the Cold this Winter

Just as you need to protect your skin and hair from the harsh, cold weather, so too do your teeth need a little extra care at this time of year. If your teeth are sensitive, you will probably have already noticed an aggravation of your symptoms since the temperatures dipped a few weeks ago.

To help you care for your teeth in the winter months we’ve put together these top tips:

Use a sensitive toothpaste

If you experience pain and discomfort when eating cold foods, drinking hot drinks or even just stepping out into a cold, wintry environment, then you may be suffering from sensitive teeth. This is where the tooth enamel has been worn away, either by brushing too hard or grinding the teeth, and has left the inner layer of dentin exposed. Sensitivity can start at any time and whilst it is more common in adults aged 20-40, it can affect anyone. Using toothpaste for sensitive teeth will reduce any pain and discomfort you are experiencing, though it is important to continue using it. This is because the key ingredients - Strontium chloride or potassium nitrate – block the tiny tunnels on the surface of the teeth so that pain signals cannot be sent to the nerve and over time these tunnels will remain blocked.

Use warmer water to brush your teeth

In winter, water pipes are exposed to much colder temperatures which can mean that the water coming out of your cold tap is colder than in the summer months. You can reduce the risk of this cold water exacerbating your tooth sensitivity by brushing with slightly warmer water. Just remember to brush regularly, as slacking in your oral health routine could make matters worse.

Wear a scarf

Wear a scarf

It might sound obvious, but donning a scarf when you go outside in the winter can help to protect your teeth. When we experience extreme changes in the temperature it can cause tiny cracks to form on the surface of the teeth as the enamel expands and contracts. Over time this may cause teeth to become sensitive, so anything you can do to cover your mouth and keep it warm will help prevent further problems with sensitivity.

If you are worried about sensitive teeth and how to keep them clean and healthy, please contact us on 01732 865021 or ask at your next appointment.

This page was last updated on the 15 Dec 2016

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