National Smile Month:
Five Ways to Improve Your Oral Health

National Smile Month:<br /> Five Ways to Improve Your Oral Health

National Smile Month is a nationwide awareness campaign focussed on promoting good oral health, running between 13th May and 13th June 2019.

In support of the campaign, here we list five easy ways to improve your oral hygiene, helping to keep your teeth and gums healthy.


The easiest way to improve oral health is to change your daily routine. Dentists recommend that we brush our teeth no less than three times a day, ensuring that food debris is removed from the teeth and gums, preventing the build up of plaque that can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.


The way in which we brush and floss our teeth is also important, so your dentist will be able to advise on the best technique for you. This is likely to include tips on what type of brush to use, how long to brush for, cleaning the tongue and gums, and how and when to use interdental sticks or floss.


What we eat can have a significant effect on our oral health. Foods that are sugary and acidic such as sweets and chocolates are never good for the teeth, promoting the build up of plaque at the gum line and weakening the enamel. In general, maintaining a healthy diet will be better for your teeth.


There are number of habits that can stain the enamel on our teeth, effecting the appearance of our smile. Smoking, drinking coffee and tea and enjoying a glass of red wine are all popular vices that are likely to discolour the teeth, so quitting or cutting down can make a big difference.


The most important way to maintain oral health is to attend regular check-ups with your dentist or hygienist. This gives the opportunity for them to perform a routine scale and polish, look out for potential problems and plan appropriate treatment and dental surgeries as they are required.

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