Modern dentures – the natural looking solution

Modern dentures – the natural looking solution

Gone are the days when false teeth are a badly fitting embarrassment – modern dentures are a whole new kettle of fish, often looking so good that they are mistaken for the real thing.

People can use dentures for a variety of reasons, from restoring tooth loss and filling out the face, to improving overall appearance, there are often numerous benefits to using them.

Why are modern dentures different?

While dentures won’t feel exactly like your real teeth, new denture technologies can now provide a much better fit, making it easier to eat and drink without feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable. They also look a lot more natural than they used to, and can easily pass as the real McCoy.


At Southview Dental Care, we use a combination of special measurements, photographs and digital imaging to craft new teeth that accurately reproduce your smile.

What will happen when you enquire about dentures?

We will take a close look at your teeth to see whether dentures are the best option for you. Occasionally, treatments like a bridge or dental implants may be more appropriate and each case is unique. If you are found to be suitable for dentures, we will take an impression of your teeth so that your new dentures can fit the exact contours of your mouth.

How to look after your new dentures

Many people don’t realise that dentures can accumulate plaque and food debris, just like real teeth do. In addition to the usual oral hygiene measures such as tooth brushing, dentures should be cleaned regularly in order to remove stains and odours. Cleaning them in warm water, a mild detergent and a soft brush after each meal is ideal, just ensure that you avoid bleach because it can turn the flesh coloured acrylic white.

It is also important to ensure that you visit your dentist to have your dentures and oral tissues evaluated yearly, and you may find that they need to be adjusted, relieved or even reclined from time to time to ensure a perfect fit.

If you’d like to know whether you would be suitable for dentures, or to find out more about the different types that we offer, you can call our dental experts on 01732 865021, or email [email protected].

This page was last updated on the 16 Jun 2017

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